Articles for April 13, 2017

Main Features of the Works of Art by Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr is a scientist and landscape painter who possesses great skills in recording fast disappearing pictures of nature in the South Australian remote regions. Andrew appears to be a photo journalist when he blends

impressionistic and photorealistic approaches to his artwork. Andrew is basically a Canadian illustrator who came to Australia in the year 1974 for starting his teaching career at several tertiary institutions throughout this beautiful country.

When not offering infographics and illustrations for a well-known National newspaper, Andrew can be found drawing pinup art, comics and monsters. Andrew has been successful in developing a versatility of different styles

that help him in keeping all his paintings lively and fresh. Outside the newspapers, you can easily find his art gracing the covers of different T-shirts and albums and even in different educational comic publications. The bright colors,

sharp shadows and textured foliage featured in his artwork capture the vibrant and harsh colors of the landscape of Australia. Both private and corporate collectors always have an interest in purchasing his paintings since 1973.

Main Features of the Art of Andrew Barr

One of the most famous artworks coming from Andrew Barr is Arkaroola and Beyond. This artwork showcases the vivid red centre color pallet exclusively South Australian landscape. The artworks of Andrew show his direct relation of his love of nature, art and science. Art and science seem to be his passion for a very long time. Andrew generally paints the amber, red and gold hues of rugged rocks completely in contrast to the wide blue skies.

The recent works of Andrew show a very fluid approach with the confident use of different colors and large canvasses. He brings in complete originality in his work by making use of the best color combinations that are sure to enthrall the senses of the onlookers. Andrew’s works on scientific excursions are highly valued. He possesses painting skills that are quite exclusive and are hard to be found in artists and painters of the present generation.

What do Andrew’s Paintings Illustrate?

Andrew’s paintings illustrate the artist’s real love for the landscape of South Australia. He has taken up the initiative of painting this undervalued and rich landscape in the most dramatic manner by making the best use of his painting skills. Arkaroola, which has been depicted in one of Andrew’s paintings, is basically a remote region in South Australia. Well, before the region was illustrated in Andrew’s work of art, there were not many who actually knew about this region. It was only because of Arkaroola and Beyond-the work of art by Andrew Barr that people came to know about the rich red panorama of this beautiful landscape.

Additional Information About Andrew Barr

Andrew is also a member of the Scientific Expedition Group that carries out biological surveys for South Australia database. While giving his time into these surveys, Andrew sketches and photographs the landscape along with the flora and fauna of the region. Andrew started with his painting endeavor during the 1970s. his first painting exhibition was held in Canberra. Since then, Andrew has successfully presented his work of art at regular exhibitions held in different parts of Australia.